Stronger. Faster. Better.

TrafficBoost can be integrated in any infrastructur without any changes. Stabilize your live streams, reduce cost and create better viewer experience!

Why TrafficBoost?

This answer to this question is easy: whatever you pay for your content delivery network - Strive TrafficBoost will reduce this cost while permanently increasing your streaming quality!


Reduce CDN cost up to 90%

By using TrafficBoost up to 90% of your streaming traffic can be transmitted directly between your viewers. Thus your CDN cost will vastly reduce.


Stabilize your live stream

TrafficBoost increases the number of potential data sources for your viewers so they can load data from another source whenever a connection is too slow.


Increase streaming quality

With TrafficBoost you can easily upgrade your video resolution to Full-HD and even 4K without paying more for infrastructure or data transfer.


Player Independent

Although TrafficBoost works within your viewer's browser, it is completely independent from the streaming player. Wether an in-house solution or an open-source product - TrafficBoost easily adapts to your personal situation.


1 Minute Integration

TrafficBoost works "on-top" of every CDN, you don't have to change anything! Activate TrafficBoost for your audience by adding just one single line of code to your website.


Secure Streaming

To guarantee that no viewers is able to change your content, TrafficBoost comes with a built-in signature-based system to ensure that every viewer gets your content without the ability to change it.

Check out our live demo!

On our live demo page you can explore the power of our technology in real time! Simulate over 100,000 viewers and watch your savings growing every second in SD, Full-HD or 4K quality.

Simulate up to 100,000 viewers!

With TrafficBoost Online Demo you can calculate your savings and quality increasing for up to 100,000 viewers. Please request a personal demo for bigger audiences.

Watch your savings grow!

Compare your current CDN pricing with our plans and see your savings grow every second. You can also pre-calculate the simulation for up to 8 hours if you are interested in longer time periods.

Realistic analysis

Our system takes fluctuation of viewers and bandwidth in account. Thus you get a result that is based on real-world conditions.

Change streaming quality from SD to 4K

Our live simulator can be configured with different video resolutions such as SD (720p), Full-HD (1080p) or even 4K.