Unlimited bandwidth

more viewers = better quality

By using TrafficBoost your're integrating your viewers into your Content Delivery Network, thus you become able to deliver up to 90% of your CDN traffic by Viewers themself. As a result you're saving costs, while the quality and stability of the stream are going up significantly. 


Why TrafficBoost?


At least better, never worse

TrafficBoost gurantees you a pure optimization of your performance. If your CDN optimization works slower than your CDN Partner, it deactivate itself and all remains unchanged. That means for you: Either everthing remains the same or it gets better!


Up to 50x more bandwidth

By integration the viewers in the delivery process, your available bandwidth goes up by up to 50 times. Thus you can transmit your live stream faster and in a better quality.


Save transmission among viewers

Any communication between Viewer and your CDN is end to end encrypted. Stream-Hijacking is inhibited by TrafficBoost, using digital signatures.


Real time analytics

Using our web based management platform, you're able to manage your streams in real time and to see how much of the traffic is transmitted by the Viewers themself.

Show Live Demo

With TrafficBoost Online Demo you can calculate your savings and quality increasing for up to 100,000 viewers. Please request a personal demo for bigger audiences. Compare your current CDN pricing with our plans and see your savings grow every second. You can also pre-calculate the simulation for up to 8 hours if you are interested in longer time periods.

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