Next Generation Live-Streaming

StriveCDN creates revolutionary live-streaming solutions 

Live-Stream Delivery

Use our global live-optimized CDN to deliver your live-streams in real-time across the world

Optimize Your Live Stream

Reduce your current CDN costs by up to 90% within 5 minutes

High-Performance Live-Streaming with
LiveGrid CDN

Video-Transcoding and ABR

Instead of uploading multiple resolutions at the same time, you can simply use our transcoding cluster which creates multiple resolutions from your input source and delivers them using modern protocols like HLS or MPEG-DASH.

Full-HD and 4K Streaming

Using our high-speed streaming servers we can distribute live content in 4K resolution and even 360° to thousands of concurrent viewers.

Real-time analytics

With StriveCDN you get detailed information in real-time about concurrent viewers, used bandwidth and geolocation.

Reduce CDN costs with

Free bandwidth

Use your viewers free upload bandwidth to reduce expensive CDN traffic by up to 90%.

Better Quality-of-Service

Reduce latency and rebuffering with TrafficBoost.

Infinite scalability

Embrace high viewer counts instead of being afraid of them!


  • Live Events, Concerts, Conferences
  • Sport Events
  • Gaming
  • Online TV

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StriveCDN creates innovative solutions for live-streaming and content delivery. Our technologies work with current infrastructures without replacing them. At Strive we believe that there are enough resources available, we just have to use them!

We also want to give other CDNs the power to use our solutions. We are always interested in strategic partnerships.

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