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StriveCDN massively increases your available bandwidth, scales up to the size of your audience and absorbs traffic peaks.

With StriveCDN
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Strive Removes Peaks from Your Traffic Chart

StriveCDN integrates your audience into the streaming process to stabilize your live streams and webcasts. Viewers will connect and share your live content among each other. This is the final step to make your live stream globally scalable and reliable. Say goodbye to lagging live streams. With StriveCDN your audience consumes content just as beautiful as you create it!

With Strive you can remove up to 90% of your video traffic from your servers or CDN – only with one line of code!


Unlimited Bandwidth

StriveCDN dynamically provides as much bandwidth as required by your audience. Never think about the number of your viewers again. Just watch it grow!


Traffic Peak Protection

StriveCDN offers a powerful system to protect your streaming servers and absorbs unexpected traffic peaks. From now on you can handle 10x more viewers than before without changing your setup!


Increasing Profit

StriveCDN highly decreases the amount of required CDN bandwidth while increasing average viewing time by users. Thus, you can reduce cost and raise revenue. All with just one line of extra code!

How it works

Your Servers / CDN
content delivery

95% less CDN cost

Most of your traffic will be handled directly between viewers to offload your servers or CDN.

37% longer video sessions

Due to much more stability and reliability of your streams

Unlimited scalability

The more viewers you get the more bandwidth is available!

Easy Integration

< Just one line of code />

Integrating Strive into your website is as easy as with Google Analytics!

Just enter the URL of your live stream playlist and Strive will generate an embed code for you. After copying this code onto your website, you’re done and Strive will start to optimize your live stream delivery!

Our Customers And Partners

StriveCDN helps many companies and partners to create an outstanding streaming experience!

Technical Details

If buzzwords like RTMP, WebRTC and HLS.js sound familiar, read our technical FAQ to learn more about how our server-side managed P2P network works under the hood. We’ll also talk about network infrastructure, mobile support and security.

< Just one line of code />

Full HTML5 Support

StriveCDN can easily be combined with any HTML5 based web player out of the box. 

DRM agnostic

You have an authentication system and encrypted video segments? No problem! Since StriveCDN works on delivery level, there are no problems with encryption at all!

Stream Hijacking Protection

Wonder what happens if peers try to modify video content? Our backend works with digital signatures to ensure that content is still the same.

Short Explanation

StriveCDN is a combination of a cloud service and a JavaScript library that can be integrated into a website that contains an arbitrary HTML5 player. When watching your live stream, viewers will directly connect to our backend to exchange metadata. After that, users will get instructions to send parts of their video content to other peers. This achieves a minimum amount of P2P communication and guarantees optimal distribution.

Which platforms are supported?

Our delivery technology is based on WebRTC. Thus, all modern platforms and browsers are supported.

Mobile support

Android is fully supported, while it is only a matter of time until Apple implements this feature. Since iOS does not support Media Source Extension access yet, the iPhone still drops out.

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